Letter from Our New Communications Officer

I have always been interested in journalism and freedom of expression, but after my internship at the European Federation of Journalists, I understood that the general situation of media freedom across Europe and the world is anything but positive. Journalists’ rights are under threat in a lot of countries, including my own. As a young liberal who strongly believes in individual freedoms and, above all, in freedom of speech, I decided to be active in politics by campaigning for ALDE and +Europa in these European elections; promoting liberal values both at the national and European level. These experiences made me understand I love working with social media, creating graphics and developing the right communication strategy to spread liberal voices. As such, joining Libel came up almost as a natural thing. As soon as I discovered the platform, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to combine my interest in journalism and politics, as well as my communication skills to work with young liberals across the globe.

I am currently finishing my master’s in European Studies at Aarhus University in Denmark. I am Italian, but I have lived in four different EU countries, of which my favourite is Ireland. Last year, I moved to Brussels to kick off my career in the EU bubble. I am an individual member of the ALDE party and LYMEC. I am also a candidate to become the next ALDE Individual Members Congress Delegate. My major interests are human rights, European politics, discovering new countries, writing articles and finding new ways to promote liberalism in the most modern and efficient way. I am very happy to be part of Libel’s team and I hope to cooperate with many young liberals across the world.

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