Our Team

Larissa Saar, Program Manager and Editor: I currently work in communications and academic publishing . Having lived in Dublin for part of my studies, I currently live in Bonn, Germany and am a member of Junge Liberale (Julis).



IMG_20140210_235247Krijn van Eeden, Editor: I’m a philosophy student in Frankfurt, Germany. I’m originally from the Netherlands, but I used to study and work in London, where I did my BA, and worked for the Liberal Democrats. I am currently doing an MA, focusing on political and social philosophy.


Eduardo Aviles, Editor: I work in political and legal research. I have a BA and MA in Political Science from Georgia State University. I currently work and live in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and am active with the Young Democrats of America.


Our Regular Contributors

Walied Ali

Samantha Cooke

Viljami Kaskiluoto

Mbali Motsoeneng

Luke Netto

Jorge Pulgarin

Omar Al Sadeh

Luke Sandford

Maximilian Steiner

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