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Are you interested in helping this website to improve its content and reach more readers? Then feel free to send an email to

We’re particularly looking for people who are interested in working together with us to devise and execute a strategy to increase readership, as well as people who would like to help us with curating and editing articles – particularly articles from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

No previous experience is required, but we’d expect you to explain to us why you’d like to contribute, what you think you could do to help and how much time you can spend on a weekly basis. If you would like to help us with editing, near-native English writing skills would be very helpful. Alternatively, you could help us with generating Spanish or French content, if you are proficient in those languages.

Write for us!

If you want to write for Libel, then you can send your piece of 500-900 words as a word document to We proof read your posts, and may make some changes. These will be sent to you to accept before publication.

We welcome the contributions of all young liberals – members of IFLRY member organisations or independent, from countries where we don’t yet have a member organisation to writers from our founding members – if you have an issue to raise, an opinion to express, or a debate to begin we would love to hear from you!

Here are our tips for writing a great blog post for Libel:

  1. Relevance – Remember this is a blog for young liberals around the world. Whilst we want to hear what’s going on in each country, make sure it can be understood by people who come from other countries too!
  2. The Title – If it’s catchy and under 140 characters so it can easily be shared on twitter, then this is the best way to start drawing people in.
  3. The Opening – If you want to have your voice heard then you need to have an article people are excited to read! After the title the first few lines are what make people want to keep reading, so make them exciting. Short, exciting, introductions are the most effective.
  4. The Content – This is of course up to you, but as a blog about young liberals it would be great if this angle could be kept when discussing topics – however much we can disagree with each other!
  5. The Length – We want to give you the space to introduce us to your views whilst at the same time keeping the articles short enough that they don’t drag on. This is why we suggest a length of 500-900 words.
  6. An Image – Whilst some of our articles are published without images, if you have one to submit (either your own or an open source image with appropriate accreditation) alongside your article then this is another way to draw people in and make the post more exciting. The articles which get the most views are those with images.
  7. An ‘About me’ – You should include a two sentence biography we can include with your article.

When it comes to proofreading, we primarily edit your articles to make sure they flow and any grammatical or spelling errors have been fixed. However, we also want to make posts on Libel as good as possible, so we may add comments or suggestions for additions which we will check with you before publication.

If you have any questions, would like to express interest in writing for us, or becoming a frequent writer, then you can send an email to and we’ll get back to you!