Welcome to Libel!

Hi! And welcome to Libel!

We hope this will be a place where young liberals from around the world – both from countries where IFLRY has a member organisation, and from those where they don’t – can have their voices heard, raise the issues important to them and share their opinions to engage in, and begin, a global discussion.

On our first day we’re jumping straight in – with articles discussing climate change, sex work, religious extremism, immigration problems, discrimination and Eurovision!

And that’s just to start with! For the next week we’ll be posting at least one article a day, covering a wide range of issues and a lot of the world in the process – amongst them there’ll be gender equality, the crisis in Ukraine, the downside of the world cup in Brazil, the global refugee crisis and Catalonian independence.

We hope there’s something in these articles you can find out about for the first time, opinions you agree with, disagree with, feel provoked by, or find they influence your own. If you want to add your own article into the discussion, then just write to us!

Have fun!


Harriet, Siri, Charlie, Mustafa and Bobby

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