Letter from the new Libel co-editor

Hi there.

My name is Vicente da Camara and I’m the new co-editor of Libel. I’m 25, turning on 26, and I’m what you’d call a social liberal; youthfully optimistic and generally disappointed. I’m a proud globalist and, having grown up in many countries due to my father’s work-related nomadic lifestyle, have high hopes for what mankind can achieve in the hyper-connected age of information, but also kind of get why people are so pessimistic about global cooperation. We’re all individuals after all.

I’ve got degrees in Politics and Lobbying, and decided to get into journalism because I like talking about these issues. If you’re reading this it means you also have an interest in politics, and as a technophile in a technology centred era, why not use the internet to debate and discuss the issues of my time with my politically-minded contemporaries around the world?

It’s an exciting time to get into politics as well. It seems nations have short memories, and even though we’ve never been more connected, it looks like we’re back to the nationalistic populism that led to wars we hear about in history class. It also means that, as liberals, we have something to fight for. We might live in one of the most liberal eras of history, but the ideological battle has not yet been won. And it might be my youthful naivete but having something to fight for peps me up.

So if you think you’re a liberal and you’ve got views on… things, then I invite you to join the fight. At Libel, we want to make the voice of young liberals heard, and you can help up the volume. So send us your thoughts on the issues of the day and we’ll keep the battle going.

We hope you’ll take us up on that.



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