IFLRY Online Meeting on Catalonia

IFLRY Online is IFLRY’s new initiative to allow liberals from all over the world to interact with each other more online.  In that spirit, IFLRY Vice President Nickolas Pagonakis is organising regular online seminars, in which different people from the IFLRY network explain more about the political situation in their country. These seminars are recorded and posted here on Libel, like the one you can find below. If you’d like to attend upcoming seminars, interact with other young liberals, and stay informed about other IFLRY Online activities, then join the Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/497339507107697/

In this third seminar, Victor Sole, of the Catalonian liberal youth organisation Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya explains the political situation surrounding the upcoming independence referendum on the 1st of October 2017.

**Unfortunately the sound quality of this recording isn’t ideal, our apologies for this.**

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