Human Rights Day: Respect Youth Rights

ALY Bureau members at the Liberal International congress, held last week in Dakar, Senegal.

Today 10th December 2018 marks 70 years after the United Nations declared the universal declaration of Human Rights.

The Africa Liberal Youth (ALY) joins the word in celebration of this important declaration. Human rights are inherent and should not be disrespected for any reason nor excuse. On this day we call on African governments to stand up for youth rights in the following areas.

Right to Education – we believe that Africa willl only have a future if the youth of today have access to education that prepares them for the future. Literacy rate is yet to hit 60% in many African Nations. We call on governments to consider making more investments in the areas of Education so that our brothers and sisters will have access to good education.

Right to employment – many African youth are risking their liveas through the Sahara Dessert and the Mediterranean to run away to Europe. About 60 percent of all those who take this journey die in the Dessert and on the sea. They have had to go through this because there is not enough opportunity for them to get decent jobs to do in Africa. We call on governments in Africa to make efforts to reduce unemployment rates in their countries so that we shall have enough opportunity for African youth.

Right to life and protection for government oppression – our assessment of this year is that many rather peaceful protests on the continent has ended in violent clashes with security of the state. We like to remind governments that the right to protest is inalienable and must be respected at all times. We should rather protect the youth than to suppress them.

Freedom of movement – Africa is divided by many artificial boundaries making trade and movement difficult. We continue to ask for the removal of these artificial boarders in Africa so the youth can explore and find opportunities within Africa We are very hopeful that our excellent governments will heed and help promote the rights of the youth in Africa.

Richard Amarh
Secretary General
Africa Liberal Youth

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