Why we ask for your support

In short: we’d ideally like to ask you to commit to sending us a monthly donation (although of course one-off donations are also greatly appreciated), mainly to help Libel articles reach more young liberals around the world. Below we’ll explain why, and why we believe a monthly donation is the most effective way to support us.

As IFLRY’s online magazine, Libel shares the same goals as the federation: to further the adoption of liberal ideals such as human rights, free and fair elections and the rule of law — in short: to globalise freedom. In this endeavour, it is Libel’s role to foster the spirit of community among young liberal activists around the world, allowing them to inspire each other, learn from each other, and feel supported by their interaction with like-minded individuals.

In order to succeed at this, Libel needs to do two things: create engaging content and ensure that content reaches enough people. When it comes to the first problem, we are very lucky to have enough writers who volunteer. Of course there is always scope to improve our content, making it more relevant to our readers and covering more parts of the world. However, the enthusiasm of people in the IFLRY network means that there is ample opportunity to work on this.

Where we do need your help is the second problem. In total, IFLRY member organisations have around 1,000,000 members. Reaching even a small percentage of these is a major challenge. At the moment, the Libel website receives around 1000 visitors per month. Its Facebook page has 1780 likes, posts reach around 200 people each, and get 5–10 engagements (likes or link clicks). Twitter generally fairs worse, with only 509 followers and only one or two likes or retweets.

Social media advertising could really help us out here. It has sophisticated targeting options that allow us to target people that are very likely to be young liberal activists. It is not free, but a little money goes a long way. For example, €10 allows us to reach an additional 2,000 people, and generate around 20 additional interactions. Some of these people would then share our articles, like our Facebook page or follow our Twitter, which means that that €10 could have a lasting effect on how many people we reach.

Although a one-off donation would go some way towards this goal, and would also be greatly appreciated, what would really be a game changer for us is if we could count on a contribution from you once a month. In order to get just 1% of the members of IFLRY member organisations (10,000 people) to interact with our content (interactions are much more valuable than reach, because it means people have actually taken note of our content), we’d need to spend €5,000 a year. That may seem like a hefty amount, but if just over 40 people would sign up to give us €10 a month, that would be covered. This is why we are asking supporters of the liberal cause to commit to a monthly donation.

Having an extra 10,000 young liberals a year interact with our content will transform Libel from a small online magazine to a thriving hub, inspiring young liberal activists the world over. From there, we could work to support young liberals in developing their writing skills, inspire them to develop their own policy ideas and improve their campaigning. With your help, we can make this happen.